Flack Farms Inc. buys and sells many different types and sizes of forage products

Whether you are feeding a brood mare, barrel racer, or polo pony, Flack Farms Inc. has the high quality hay your horse needs for optimum performance

Encourage your baby lambs to eat roughage by offering leafy, green, fragrant alfalfa hay

Flack Farms Inc. relies on a quarter century of hay production experience to ensure our products are low moisture, palatable, and nutritious

High quality forage can cost-effectively improve the production efficiency of your dairy cows and supplement your feed ration

Flack Farms Inc. offers fresh, clean straw in a variety of sizes to meet your storage and handling needs

Quality hay is a nutritional foundation for growing livestock

Flack Farms Inc. delivers product to you using our own trucks

Our Steffen Bale Conversion Machine can cut bales to your specification, then they can be palletized and shrink wrapped for shipment

Flack Farms Inc. sells 3 different types of quality shavings for your livestock bedding: fine, blended, and large flake (fine shavings pictured)

Flack Farms Inc. is proud to be home to the only Steffen Bale Conversion System in Indiana, one of approximately a dozen in the entire United States.

Welcome to Flack Farms Inc.

Flack Farms Inc. is owned by Steve and Lisa Flack and has been producing, buying, and marketing hay and straw for almost 20 years from our home in Indiana, along with our 3 children. We are a full-time hay production facility.

Home of the ONLY Steffen Bale Converter in Indiana! Click here for a short video on our compressed bale machine.      Watch Video ยป